Solve hassles on the production

XOR (| eks | oʊ | ɑːr |) is a PDF viewer app (Mac/Windows) that compares two PDFs (before and after correction) in real time.


Real time PDF comparison viewer

¥2,000 (tax included) per month

XOR solves the following problems and challenges in print production.

To prove that
“I didn’t change anything extra.”

We have added “Overlapping Left and Right PDF Export” to XOR for Mac.

export quality certification PDF
The watermark display, which used to be a feature only for screen display, can now be drawn on PDFs.

The exported PDF can be used as a proof that “nothing has been changed except for the parts that were requested to be corrected” when submitting the proof to the client.

Compare two PDFs
in real time

XOR is a viewer app (Mac/Windows) that compares two PDFs (before and after correction) in real time.

You won’t have to wait for the comparison results to appear. XOR shows you the results as soon as you start the comparison.

You can see the differences in two ways.

  • Overlap view
    Transparent way (red and blue are differences)
  • Blink view
    Flip way (the blinking part is the difference)

You can see the real-time comparison in action in the video “How to use XOR (Japanese)”.


XOR has a one month free trial period. You can download and try it from either store.

Microsoft Store Badge-en

XOR for Windows asks for a subscription agreement when you first launch the app. But if you cancel immediately, you can still try it for the full duration. Of course, you won’t be charged for it.


In print production, editors and operators repeatedly revise and proofread their work to achieve completion.

XOR is ideal for the following verification tasks in proofreading.

  • What has changed?
  • Is that change the right fix?
  • Do you have any missing corrections?
  • Are there any unnecessary changes mixed in?

Comparing printouts of proofs and looking for changes can be a daunting task. It requires a high level of skill and concentration. And a lot of time.

But you can quickly identify all the changes in two PDFs by using XOR. That means you can understand the pages and areas of the page that haven’t been changed. You can save time on proofreading, by excluding them from the target of confirmation.


XOR is offered on a subscription basis for 2,000 yen per month (*). Therefore, companies can review the number of subscriptions as the number of production staff increases or decreases, and there is no waste. Therefore, the company can optimize the number of contracts as the number of production staff increases or decreases to avoid waste.

* Prices outside the Japanese store are determined by the exchange rate.

500 yen coin x 4

No USB dongle required

XOR does not have a USB dongle to manage licenses.

You can use the same account (Apple ID or Microsoft account) with a single license at work, at home or on the road. This makes XOR ideal for remote work.

With XOR in place, you won’t have to go to the office when you have a holiday emergency. And you won’t have to cancel your trip.


Wait time is a cost

Latency is a cost in your business.

For example, if you’re using some PDF comparison app that required USB dongle, you might have to wait your turn to use the app.

Or when you wait until the DTP is finished, then do the proofreading at night, it’s a double cost to the company by the waiting time and overtime. Moreover, you’ll come home late.

But with XOR, you can reduce those costs. That app can be deployed for the entire staff, run speedy, and can be used outside of the office.


Ease to use > Functions

Simple is best. The ease of use sometimes outweighs the full range of features!

With XOR, you don’t need to adjust comparison settings for each PDF feature you want to compare. Plus, you get an intuitive understanding of the comparison results. You don’t need to wade through difficult reports.

And you’ll get a lot of achievements by using the simple and light app rather than use a multifunctional app.


Never miss a difference

XOR finds all differences that recognizable by eyes between the two PDFs by visually comparing them.

In the type of PDF comparison app that analyzes and matches two PDFs, the comparison algorithm may miss the differences when the PDF contains unexpected changes.


Mac & Windows

XOR has versions of Mac and Windows. Please click on the following icons. You can check the respective app descriptions.

macOS series Microsoft Windows 10
for Mac for Windows


Click on the following icon. You will find tips on using XOR (in Japanese).

App Icon with "Tips"

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