for Win Version 1.3

Real-time PDF Comparison Viewer

XOR for Windows
Version 1.3

What’s new

Vivid display
of comparison results

A new feature in XOR for Windows Version 1.3 is “Contrast select for Overlapped View(*)”. You can select it high or low.

XOR for Windows Version 1.3 Contrast

※A comparison method in which paired pages in two PDFs are stacked on top of each other. Changes are colored red or blue, and other changes are colored gray.

Select contrast

Contrast can be selected in the dialog where you select the PDF pairs to be compared. The default is “High”.


Update fee

Existing users can update and use the app for free. Please update the app at the Microsoft Store.

Plans for Version 1.4

We are currently developing XOR for Windows Version 1.4, which will include the ability to export overlapped view.